The New Blog Standard for Monogram Gifts


Monogram Gifts may be what we sell, but that’s not who we ARE!

Welcome to the New Blog Standard.
We believe with our whole heart that our business is about much more than a product. It’s about people, serving people.

Monogram Gifts with a Smile

Here’s a little sneak peek at what you will find as you continue reading. Hold tight to the end as we discuss the change being made to our Monogram Gifts Blog. Click on one of the following links to jump to that section.

Why the Change?
What will this change look like?
How often will I be posting?
I need your Help!
50% OFF Coupon
The End
Well, Almost

Why the Change?

As I look around at different sites I have come to realize that many companies simply blog to help with their Google ranking or SEO. All you see in many of the monogram gifts blogs (or any e-commerce blog for that matter) is item after item from their own website, with no real useful information for the average person. I, for one, am tired of being bombarded with sales info every time I search for something. I want some good tips/tricks/advice when I’m on the hunt for knowledge.

For this reason, I have decided to make changes to our blog. Although the Have Faith Boutique blog started out just like the rest of them, with information about product after product from our line of monogram gifts, we are determined to change that.
I was honestly never that faithful with our blog posts. I always seemed to find an excuse to skip over them. I am now realizing the reason for that. It’s the same reason all of you probably have NEVER read my blog at all – It felt so full of yuck! Sales, Sales, Sales…that’s all it was. I hated that. NO LONGER! HALLELUJAH!
I will now begin providing useful tips and ideas to help spur your own creativity, as well as actually posting on a regular basis! This will no longer be a blog devoted simply to our own monogram gift items, but it will be SO MUCH MORE! We will add joy to your lives and give you a reason to keep coming back again and again. Woohoo! Are you celebrating with me?

What will this change look like?

This new blog will become more of a variety blog. I will be including DIY tutorials, recipes, collections of goodies from around the web, & more!

When Have Faith Boutique first began, I knew the Lord had blessed me with this opportunity so I promised to use it as more than just a business. I consider this to be part of my ministry. In light of this fact, I will also be including some blog posts that are inspirational and uplifting. My goal is to encourage everyone that is reading. If I can impact just one person with a post like this, it will all be worth it!

How often will I be posting?

My goal is to be posting something fun and unique AT LEAST twice a week. Ideally, I would love to post something every day, but I also know how life takes over (especially during the holiday season). I’m just being real. LOL I don’t want to commit to something I can’t keep up with. I’m sure you can all relate.

Hold on for the ride as we take this journey together and change the way we “DO” business. Who’s with me? Raise your hands.

I need your HELP!

I would love to hear from you. I have my own ideas of things I want to bring to you, but we all know I can serve you best by actually knowing what types of things you are interested in seeing.
Are you interested in floor coverings (area rugs, etc)? Want to learn more about decorating for the holidays? Do you like DIY crafts? Are recipes more up your alley? How about teacher gift ideas? We are here to serve you. You can help us do that by commenting below with your ideas for our blog.


Do I have your attention now? I thought I might. LOL If you comment below and we use use your idea in an upcoming blog post, we will reward you with a coupon for 50% OFF one item. This can literally save you hundreds! We NEVER offer anything like this…EVER! This is a RARE opportunity, so take advantage of it while you can. With the holiday season fast approaching, there is no better time to get a coupon like this.

The End

As I wrap up this post, let me just take a minute and offer my most humble thanks for allowing me to serve you, whether it was delivering your monogram gifts on time or giving you a timely word! This business has been one of my greatest blessings, ONLY because I have an opportunity to serve others and bring a little joy to your lives. If you aren’t yet connected with Have Faith Boutique on Facebook, CLICK HERE to jump on over and start following us. We post multiple times a day…funny stories, inspirational posts, recipes, DIY projects & more.
I am simply amazed at the number of people we are able to bless every day. At the time of this writing, our Facebook Page has over 52,000 fans! I am humbled as I think about the impact we are making with such a simple tool.

Well, Almost!

One last thing. If you’re reading this and we have impacted your life in any way, I would love to hear from you. Whether it was through a Facebook post, an e-mail, a shipping insert with scripture, or any other way we would love to know about it. You can post a comment here, or post it to our Facebook wall.
Do you have a photo of one of our monogram gifts in use? A baby blanket? A shower curtain? A set of car mats? Our customers love to see samples of our goodies in use. If we have blessed you in any way, would you consider sending us a photo as a little way of saying thanks?

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*Happy Customers*

Here are a few ideas for using your 10% off coupon. Some of our customers have shared photos with us.

Emma’s Velveteen Blanket is growing with her. This is one of my favorite ideas for a photo prop/backdrop.

Kylie’s bedding looks FAB in her new bedroom…

Is Carolyn not the CUTEST…

Baby Blanket

And our ever-so-popular Monogrammed Shower Curtain…

Getting Started

Do you need help Getting Started?

One of the most common questions I see regarding our website is “Where do I go to find your current designs?”. I have put together a short video to help you in getting started with our website; whether you prefer to start from scratch with a clean slate, or browse through our current designs. You will figure out exactly where to go in this basic getting started video.

Click Below to view the Getting Started Tutorial

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.


What did you think of this getting started tutorial? Please leave a comment below and let me know if it was helpful. Your feedback helps us to truly SERVE you better!

Still have questions?

If you still need help navigating our website, please comment below or send us an email

Suggestions for other videos?

If you have an idea for another tutorial, please share that with us. Our goal is to serve you to the best of our ability.

Monogram Etiquette

Do you absolutely LOVE the look of a monogram, but aren’t sure about proper monogram etiquette? Don’t worry, you are not alone! I’m here to help!

The most common question I see has to do with monogram etiquette. I’ve compiled a few basic “rules” to help you in your monogramming journey.

Here are a few of the most common questions:

What the heck is a monogram, anyway?
What order do I use for the initials?
What style should I use?
Do I choose a fancy font or a basic font for my friends monogram?
What do I do if I have FOUR initials…every monogram I see only uses THREE?
Is it proper to use a monogram for spouses?

Have you asked yourself one of these questions? Keep reading to find your answers.

Traditional Monogram Etiquette

The traditional monogram that you see consists of three letters in the following order:

**first LAST middle**

For example, the names Elizabeth Suzanne Richards and Mark Thomas Richards would look like this…

Monogram Etiquette Traditional

This holds true for both the married and the single.

There are times, though, when a married woman would prefer to use her maiden name rather than her middle name. In that case, the monogram would look like this for Elizabeth Suzanne Holtz Richards (Holtz being her maiden name)…

Monogram Etiquette Maiden Name

Same Size Monogram Etiquette

Another popular choice for monograms is having the three initials all the same size. When using the same size, the initials would appear in the following order:


In this instance, the names Elizabeth Suzanne Richards and Mark Thomas Richards would look like this…

Monogram Etiquette Same Size

Four Initial Monogram Etiquette

BUT, what happens when a person has four initials? Either having two middle names or choosing to keep their middle name AND maiden name in their monogram? This is a unique option…one that you don’t see very often, unfortunately.

In this instance, the names Elizabeth Suzanne Richards and Mark Thomas Richards would look like this…

Monogram Etiquette Four Initials

Married Couples Monogram Etiquette

Married couples have two options for their monogram. It really comes down to personal preference, honestly.

There are those that think the man’s name should be first and others that think the woman’s name should be first (women first?). You will have to come to that decision on your own. :)

Here are the two options:

**woman first LAST man first** or **man first LAST woman first**

For the couple named Mark and Elizabeth Richards the monogram would look like one of these…

Monogram Etiquette Married

Font Choice ~ Monogram Etiquette

There are literally thousands of font options to choose from for you monogram. Here are a few things to consider before making your font choice:

1 – What is the monogram being placed on?
If you are placing a monogram on something fancy like a handkerchief or a doily, I would recommend using a fancier style script (like Vine font).
If you are placing a monogram on something more casual, you would be fine with a more basic font (like Roman or Rose font)

2 – Who is the gift for?
You really need to consider who will be receiving the gift and make sure the monogram matches their personality. Are they a frilly, fru fru kind of person? Someone that likes the “finer” things? Or are they more laid back and casual? Make sure if you are giving a gift you think about THEIR personality and not just your own personal preference. 😉

3 – Is this gift for a child?
Keep in mind the age of the child. A younger child may not be able to read fancy, cursive writing, so it would be wise to use a basic standard font (like Georgia).

Click Here to start designing your monogrammed gift!

Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think! Do you have any more questions?


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Personalized Baby Blanket

Design your own Personalized Baby Blanket!

There is nothing more precious than a sweet, sweet baby swaddled and sleeping with Mommy, especially if he/she is wrapped in a personalized baby blanket! Some of my fondest memories are of time spent with my little ones snuggling into my arms. “Our little burrito”…as we so affectionately called each of them. Those tender moments when nothing else seemed to matter. I simply wanted to let the rest of the world move on with out me as I spent time lost gazing into my baby’s cute little nose, pursed lips, and sleeping eyes.

Countless hours I spent just staring into those precious eyes and listening to their little coos. Nothing in the world matters more in those moments.

Pictures? Isn’t it every mothers job to take TONS of pictures of their little miracle? Always making sure to have the cutest outfit and prettiest blanket available.

Personalized Baby Blanket

We only want the best for our bundles of joy, don’t we? If you’re like me, you won’t settle for less than the best. Have Faith Boutique has the perfect personalized baby blanket to keep your perfect baby nice and toasty this Winter Season. We offer two different options for your personalized baby blanket.

Personalized Baby Blanket

Endless Options!

Have Faith Boutique can help you create the perfect blanket for all those Kodak moments. Are you wanting a blanket with their name all over it like one of these pictured? Or, do you prefer to have a full pattern with a name in the corner? Your imagination is your only limitation! If you can dream it up, chances are, we can help you design it.
We offer two fabric options for your baby blanket. The first option is a plush, Velveteen blanket that is great for those cold, cold nights. The second otpion is a lightweight fleece (ULTRA SOFT) that is absolutely perfect for swaddling! You can hop on over to our website and you can start designing yours right away!

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Labor Day Sale on Monogram Gifts!

Have Faith Boutique’s Annual Labor Day Sale is Here!

You have “labored” hard all year long…I think you need a break! Have Faith Boutique’s annual Labor Day sale is the perfect way to celebrate!

Write this code down (and enter it at checkout): LaborDay  Then, click on one of the links above to start designing! The “Create” Tab will allow you to start designing from scratch. The “Browse” tab will allow you to get inspired by designs others have created!

Have Faith Boutique Products

This sale only comes along once a year! You don’t want to miss it. You won’t see savings like this again until Black Friday!

With our State-of-the-Art customizer, you can design your item from start to finish ~ Change patterns, colors, fonts, and even upload your own artwork or photos!

Design Your Own


Our customizer is not fully compatible with phones or tablets at this time. We are working hard behind the scenes to add this functionality. In order to ensure the best experience, please visit our website from your laptop or desktop computer.


We are only an email away ~