Gift-Receiving Etiquette – Being a gracious getter

Gift-receiving etiquette – Being a gracious getter It seems like it should be so simple, but receiving a gift has a set of rules just as giving a gift does.
The perfect gift If someone took the time to think of you, it’s the perfect gift. It really is the thought, not the gift that counts. But never say something like this. Every gift, unless it’s a life-changing gift like a car or a house, should be greeted with the same level of enthusiasm. At the same time, you really should avoid Victorian detachment where you politely say thank you. Even if someone gives you gift from the dollar store, it was them thinking of you.
The “Thank You” card Every gift giver should get a thank-you card from you. A simple card is a great way to make sure that the person who gave you the gift knows that you appreciate it. In fact, according to the etiquette experts, this one of the unbreakable rules that everyone should follow. Send a thank you card for every gift. This is the most important rule of gift-receiving.
Regifting If a gift isn’t perfect for you but might be great for someone else, there is no problem regifting. Don’t do it right away. For example, let’s say that your mother gave you a blender. If it’s still in the box three months later, it might not be the right gift for you. For someone close to you, like your mom, you can simply tell her, “Remember that blender you gave me? Well, it turns out that I don’t use it, even though it’s an awesome gift. My friend, Mike, is getting married and I was thinking that I would give it to him and his new wife. They are health nuts and it will be the perfect gift. I just don’t want you to feel hurt if you don’t see it on my counter.” If the person who has it to you isn’t a very close relative or friend, you don’t even need to say anything. The only way it will be important is if the person who gave it to you might see the other person receive it.
Returning If something is a duplicate or isn’t really right for your needs, there is no shame in returning it or exchanging it. Simply take it back to where the person bought it from. They should have given you a gift receipt. If you didn’t get a gift receipt, you can try to return to a store like Walmart as long as it’s in really good condition and they sell it. If you need to ask for a receipt, be gentle, but don’t be afraid. Gift-giving is never perfect, so hopefully, one’s feelings will be hurt by being told that what they got you wasn’t perfect. The most important key to receiving gifts is to be thankful. Someone spent time thinking of you and wanted you to know that they like you. As long as you are truly thankful, you can’t go wrong.
The Perfect Gift: A Gift-Receiving Disaster We have a friend who talked about a gift that she received from someone who was very important to her. In September 2002, she met a man on an Amtrak train leaving Seattle for Milwaukee. He was from New Jersey taking the train past Milwaukee to New York. To make a long story short, they hit it off on the train and stayed in contact via email, phone, and letters, until she visited him in New Jersey in early December. He took her to a place that she always wanted to go (that every girl wants to go to) Tiffany’s, the real Tiffany’s. She walked through this place a girl from Wisconsin only knew from movies. As they wandered around, he secretly went and bought one of the only things that he could afford, a Tiffany’s silver chain with thick links. As they left, he pulled her aside right in front of the store. She was leaning on a newspaper machine, he against a trash can. He gave her the necklace. She opened the box and said thank you. Slowly, her smile faded and she began to get tears in her eyes. They both held their breath, until he said, “You hate it, don’t you?” She began to cry. “Yes. I’m sorry. I want to like it, but…” She was crying, sad that she might have disappointed him, that she was rejecting a gift from the legendary Tiffany’s. “Will you marry me?” he asked. “Wait. What?” “Will you marry me?” “Um… yes.”

Platinum ring

Another long story short, they traded the necklace in for a Tiffany’s exclusive platinum ring. They were ushered to a private room that was used for the rich and famous and given a phone to call their families. The moral of the story: Sometimes, being honest about one gift can get you an even better one. They got married 5 years later and celebrated their 10th anniversary this year. Gift-receving has rules, but they aren’t set in stone. Not loving a gift is not a bad thing; not appreciating the thought and love that goes behind it is.  

Personalized Swaddling Blanket

Swaddling Blanket


Baby swaddling is the practice of wrapping an infant in a swaddling blanket from the shoulders to the feet. It helps to promote sleep patterns and can help to comfort your baby. The practice of baby swaddling has been used for centuries and is common in many different cultures throughout the World from America to Europe and the Middle East, as a result of the benefits swaddling provides. From studies, swaddled babies are calmer and less fussy. Swaddling recreates the cozy womb environment and makes babies feel safe and secure.

It has also been shown to also help in lowering the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). At three months of age, the risk for SIDS is at its greatest. It is safer to have young babies sleep on their back rather than on their tummy. To an extent, sleeping on their tummy gives babies a sense of safety and security, but it’s safer sleeping on their back.  It is important to ensure that babies feel just as snug and secure on their back as they would on their tummy. By using the swaddling techniques, the blanket can allow the baby a way to escape.


Several misconceptions surround swaddling; common ones include the views that:
  • *Babies don’t like to have their hands wrapped up tightly
  • *They struggle and fight whenever someone attempts to put them in a wrap
  • *They continue to struggle to get free whenever they are wrapped up.

These views are misguided as swaddling. Provided it is done correctly, it actually makes your baby feel both comfortable and secure. An appropriate swaddling technique places your baby’s hands in a natural position over their chest. You’ll notice that they do this on their own when they are lying unwrapped and contented on their back.

  Below is a step by step guide you can follow to ensure your baby is well swaddled:
  1. 1 – Let the blanket be on a flat surface with the longest edge folded over 10-15 cm
  2. 2 – Ensure your baby is on the blanket with his/her shoulders lying over the folded over flap.
  3. 3 – Bend an arm up under one side of the flap and bring the wrapped arm across their chest and wrap it firmly around and under their back.
  4. 4 – Then do the same with their other arm
  5. 5 – Span out the bottom of the wrap and bring it up to their chest, spread it out and wrap firmly around and under their back


You might want to consider swaddling if you find your newborn crying excessively. The first three months following the birth of a baby is followed by so many changes. No longer enclosed in a soft, warm environment a baby may have trouble adjusting. One technique that has proven to help is swaddling. Below are the benefits of swaddling.

Babies who are wrapped in a swaddling blanket are said to feel more secure; this feeling is similar to that of how they felt while in their mother’s womb. Have Faith Boutique’s swaddling blanket will wrap your little one up in cozy and warm cuteness. Generously sized and featuring personalized images and design. It’s an adorably soft and comfy blanket for swaddling and also great for after a bath.

Babies can’t efficiently regulate their temperature, therefore, swaddling can help keep them warm at a comfortable temperature if the proper swaddling blanket is used, thus allowing the baby to be warm and cozy while sleeping. At Have Faith Boutique, our personalized swaddling blankets are made of lightweight fleece (100% polyester) which makes it very soft. Furthermore, it is water repellent and provides great insulation to your baby.

Swaddling is also believed to make learning to breastfeed easier by keeping baby’s arms and legs contained within the snug blanket. Swaddling can help the infant focus better and properly latch-on until he or she has learned to breastfeed easily. Once baby has learned to latch-on easily, the new mom can then begin to breastfeed without the swaddle blanket to engage in more contact between infant and mother.

Swaddling Blanket  

The velveteen fabric blanket (seen above) will be a blanket your baby will cherish forever. The Velvet baby Blanket is made from a rich velvet fabric and also approachable and adaptable to the life of your baby. By using low-impact fabrics and non-toxic dyes, each Have Faith Boutique velveteen collection is produced keeping the beauty of your baby in mind.

The swaddling blanket allows the baby to stay in a more stable position while it is asleep, this lowers the SIDS risk. Furthermore, the use of this blanket has been shown to help the baby sleep better and for a longer amount time as well as being more comfortable. The blanket prevents any quick movements that could cause the baby to wake up. This, in turn, helps to improve the parent’s sleep quality too.


Swaddling is a practice many new mothers are discovering. It is an age-old technique and works wonders for those babies who are having trouble learning to live in their new world. It provides a sense of security and restriction from the movement that causes distress especially in the first few weeks of life. However, make sure that your baby is not swaddled all throughout the day because that can be distressing. It can also make your baby feel uncomfortably warm. Surely, your baby wouldn’t want to be wrapped up the whole day. He also has to be given a chance to move around a bit and stretch his little muscles.

These blankets have a personalization option, which means your baby’s name, initials or images can be designed and dyed into the fabric. The blanket comes in various styles, including sets with simple patterns and unique prints. All of these items are made with soft fabric that is gentle enough for a newborn baby’s skin. If you’re looking for a personalized baby blanket, then you’ve certainly come to the right place! At Have Faith Boutique, we are continually engaged in designing the best and finest personalized blanket for your child and at the same time offering you affordable prices.

The New Blog Standard for Monogram Gifts


Monogram Gifts may be what we sell, but that’s not who we ARE!

Welcome to the New Blog Standard.
We believe with our whole heart that our business is about much more than a product. It’s about people, serving people.

Monogram Gifts with a Smile

Here’s a little sneak peek at what you will find as you continue reading. Hold tight to the end as we discuss the change being made to our Monogram Gifts Blog. Click on one of the following links to jump to that section.

Why the Change?
What will this change look like?
How often will I be posting?
I need your Help!
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The End
Well, Almost

Why the Change?

As I look around at different sites I have come to realize that many companies simply blog to help with their Google ranking or SEO. All you see in many of the monogram gifts blogs (or any e-commerce blog for that matter) is item after item from their own website, with no real useful information for the average person. I, for one, am tired of being bombarded with sales info every time I search for something. I want some good tips/tricks/advice when I’m on the hunt for knowledge.

For this reason, I have decided to make changes to our blog. Although the Have Faith Boutique blog started out just like the rest of them, with information about product after product from our line of monogram gifts, we are determined to change that.
I was honestly never that faithful with our blog posts. I always seemed to find an excuse to skip over them. I am now realizing the reason for that. It’s the same reason all of you probably have NEVER read my blog at all – It felt so full of yuck! Sales, Sales, Sales…that’s all it was. I hated that. NO LONGER! HALLELUJAH!
I will now begin providing useful tips and ideas to help spur your own creativity, as well as actually posting on a regular basis! This will no longer be a blog devoted simply to our own monogram gift items, but it will be SO MUCH MORE! We will add joy to your lives and give you a reason to keep coming back again and again. Woohoo! Are you celebrating with me?

What will this change look like?

This new blog will become more of a variety blog. I will be including DIY tutorials, recipes, collections of goodies from around the web, & more!

When Have Faith Boutique first began, I knew the Lord had blessed me with this opportunity so I promised to use it as more than just a business. I consider this to be part of my ministry. In light of this fact, I will also be including some blog posts that are inspirational and uplifting. My goal is to encourage everyone that is reading. If I can impact just one person with a post like this, it will all be worth it!

How often will I be posting?

My goal is to be posting something fun and unique AT LEAST twice a week. Ideally, I would love to post something every day, but I also know how life takes over (especially during the holiday season). I’m just being real. LOL I don’t want to commit to something I can’t keep up with. I’m sure you can all relate.

Hold on for the ride as we take this journey together and change the way we “DO” business. Who’s with me? Raise your hands.

I need your HELP!

I would love to hear from you. I have my own ideas of things I want to bring to you, but we all know I can serve you best by actually knowing what types of things you are interested in seeing.
Are you interested in floor coverings (area rugs, etc)? Want to learn more about decorating for the holidays? Do you like DIY crafts? Are recipes more up your alley? How about teacher gift ideas? We are here to serve you. You can help us do that by commenting below with your ideas for our blog.


Do I have your attention now? I thought I might. LOL If you comment below and we use use your idea in an upcoming blog post, we will reward you with a coupon for 50% OFF one item. This can literally save you hundreds! We NEVER offer anything like this…EVER! This is a RARE opportunity, so take advantage of it while you can. With the holiday season fast approaching, there is no better time to get a coupon like this.

The End

As I wrap up this post, let me just take a minute and offer my most humble thanks for allowing me to serve you, whether it was delivering your monogram gifts on time or giving you a timely word! This business has been one of my greatest blessings, ONLY because I have an opportunity to serve others and bring a little joy to your lives. If you aren’t yet connected with Have Faith Boutique on Facebook, CLICK HERE to jump on over and start following us. We post multiple times a day…funny stories, inspirational posts, recipes, DIY projects & more.
I am simply amazed at the number of people we are able to bless every day. At the time of this writing, our Facebook Page has over 52,000 fans! I am humbled as I think about the impact we are making with such a simple tool.

Well, Almost!

One last thing. If you’re reading this and we have impacted your life in any way, I would love to hear from you. Whether it was through a Facebook post, an e-mail, a shipping insert with scripture, or any other way we would love to know about it. You can post a comment here, or post it to our Facebook wall.
Do you have a photo of one of our monogram gifts in use? A baby blanket? A shower curtain? A set of car mats? Our customers love to see samples of our goodies in use. If we have blessed you in any way, would you consider sending us a photo as a little way of saying thanks?