The Rules of Giving Gifts to Teachers

The rules for giving gifts to teachers have changed in recent years. In the old days, you could simply give your child something and tell her to give it to Mrs. Brandt. Today, because some folks might not have been doing things the right way, there are some laws about what you can and cannot give. There are also some rules of etiquette that should be followed. Here are a few considerations:
  • Many states have ethics laws that must be followed. As public employees, teachers are subject to laws restricting the value of a gift. It can range from $25 to $100, with most states falling in the $50 range. It’s worth checking the local laws and rules. If you’re not sure, call the school.
  • Many schools and school districts recommend that you give a gift to classroom or the school itself. Make your gift something that everyone in the room can use and you don’t need to worry about ethics concerns.
  • While it might be instinct to give a teacher some school supplies, they also have a life. You should consider giving a gift that can be used for either. For example, a gift card to Walmart or someplace where the teacher can both buy supplies and stuff for himself can be very nice.
  • The best gifts for teachers can remind them that they’re teacher’s but shouldn’t be something that makes it look like they are your child’s parent. A framed picture of your child on their wall isn’t what they will need.
Gifts for teachers

Best Gifts for Teachers

Many of the best gifts for teachers are a combination of store-bought and homemade. Here are a few examples:
  • Gift card bouquet – A number of gift cards to different stores put onto paper flowers can make a lovely gift.
  • Cookie mix in a jar – A self-contained cookie mix in a canning jar can make baking easy and fun. Try to find a way so that it needs as few extra ingredients as possible.
  • Personalized cup – A cup, either a cold cup or a coffee cup, with the teacher’s name on it can be a nice touch. The teachers’ lounge is filled with coffee cups. This can make it easier to find their own cup.
  • Monogram license plate or car mats – It seems odd, but many teachers live in their cars. They often have many items that they need for the school in their cars so that they don’t have to carry them in and out. Of course, they are simply people, so they have car pride as well.
  • Custom mouse pad – A colorful, customized mouse pad can brighten any desk. Get one that matches his or her personality and they will love to see it every day.
  • Movie pack – A popcorn box with a movie theater gift certificate, a restaurant gift certificate, a DVD and some microwave popcorn can all be a lot of fun. It’s inviting your child’s teacher to relax.
  • Monogram market tote – Carrying things is something that every teacher does. A market tote is a cloth version of the plastic baskets that your grocery store offers. She can carry her books and supplies in and out of the school easily with one of these baskets.
  • Magazine subscriptions – Taking time to relax can be very important for teachers. A great magazine, whether it’s People or Oprah Magazine can be a nice break. If you’re not sure what magazine to purchase, look for a gift card from a publishing house.

Delivering a gift

When the kids are little, up to about 4th grade, you can send them to school with gifts. After that, it might be better to deliver the gifts to the office to drop them off yourself or deliver them to the teacher. Another point to be aware of is that most students have several teachers each day, especially after 4 th grade. If you aren’t giving gifts to everyone, you will want to be careful not to offend anyone.

Several kids – Several teachers

One of the best ways to make sure that all of the teachers in your children’s’ lives get to enjoy something is to deliver something to the teachers’ lounge. Coffee, tea, pizza, donuts, or even just a massive supply of pens and pencils can be a nice gift for teachers. That way, everyone gets a gift and you aren’t having to figure out several personal gifts. Regardless of what you choose, it’s nice to give a gift your children’s teachers. They work hard to help your family and make your kid’s lives better.

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Monogram Etiquette

Do you absolutely LOVE the look of a monogram, but aren’t sure about proper monogram etiquette? Don’t worry, you are not alone! I’m here to help!

The most common question I see has to do with monogram etiquette. I’ve compiled a few basic “rules” to help you in your monogramming journey.

Here are a few of the most common questions:

What the heck is a monogram, anyway?
What order do I use for the initials?
What style should I use?
Do I choose a fancy font or a basic font for my friends monogram?
What do I do if I have FOUR initials…every monogram I see only uses THREE?
Is it proper to use a monogram for spouses?

Have you asked yourself one of these questions? Keep reading to find your answers.

Traditional Monogram Etiquette

The traditional monogram that you see consists of three letters in the following order:

**first LAST middle**

For example, the names Elizabeth Suzanne Richards and Mark Thomas Richards would look like this…

Monogram Etiquette Traditional

This holds true for both the married and the single.

There are times, though, when a married woman would prefer to use her maiden name rather than her middle name. In that case, the monogram would look like this for Elizabeth Suzanne Holtz Richards (Holtz being her maiden name)…

Monogram Etiquette Maiden Name

Same Size Monogram Etiquette

Another popular choice for monograms is having the three initials all the same size. When using the same size, the initials would appear in the following order:


In this instance, the names Elizabeth Suzanne Richards and Mark Thomas Richards would look like this…

Monogram Etiquette Same Size

Four Initial Monogram Etiquette

BUT, what happens when a person has four initials? Either having two middle names or choosing to keep their middle name AND maiden name in their monogram? This is a unique option…one that you don’t see very often, unfortunately.

In this instance, the names Elizabeth Suzanne Richards and Mark Thomas Richards would look like this…

Monogram Etiquette Four Initials

Married Couples Monogram Etiquette

Married couples have two options for their monogram. It really comes down to personal preference, honestly.

There are those that think the man’s name should be first and others that think the woman’s name should be first (women first?). You will have to come to that decision on your own. :)

Here are the two options:

**woman first LAST man first** or **man first LAST woman first**

For the couple named Mark and Elizabeth Richards the monogram would look like one of these…

Monogram Etiquette Married

Font Choice ~ Monogram Etiquette

There are literally thousands of font options to choose from for you monogram. Here are a few things to consider before making your font choice:

1 – What is the monogram being placed on?
If you are placing a monogram on something fancy like a handkerchief or a doily, I would recommend using a fancier style script (like Vine font).
If you are placing a monogram on something more casual, you would be fine with a more basic font (like Roman or Rose font)

2 – Who is the gift for?
You really need to consider who will be receiving the gift and make sure the monogram matches their personality. Are they a frilly, fru fru kind of person? Someone that likes the “finer” things? Or are they more laid back and casual? Make sure if you are giving a gift you think about THEIR personality and not just your own personal preference. 😉

3 – Is this gift for a child?
Keep in mind the age of the child. A younger child may not be able to read fancy, cursive writing, so it would be wise to use a basic standard font (like Georgia).

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Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think! Do you have any more questions?


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Monogram License Plates – Design Your Own!

Have you ever mistakenly walked up to the wrong vehicle and gotten in? My kids and I have done it for sure! Only as I started to sit in the seat and realized there were items in the vehicle that did not look familiar to me did I realize it was NOT mine! I was just thankful that nobody was around to see how terribly embarrassed I was! That moment has definitely given us plenty of laughs over the years…the kids still bring it up. Of course, that would not have happened if I had a fabulous monogram license plate so that I could have easily spotted my OWN car! LOL
Custom Monogram License Plate

Custom Monogram License Plates – Design Your Own!

Set Yourself Apart – Monogram License Plate

Have Faith Boutique can help you save yourself from the embarrassment of getting into the wrong vehicle. Our custom monogrammed license plates are a surefire way to recognize your own vehicle! No more getting frustrated when you can’t unlock “YOUR” vehicle. 😉 All you will need to do now is scan the parking lot for the black and white Chevron pattern with your monogram. Or, are you more of a lime green and pink kind of gal…personalized with your name, of course? Is zebra print more your style? How about Morrocan? The options are endless! You can even upload your own artwork or a photo if you prefer.

Create NEW Memories

Now, instead of creating those embarrassing memories of the time mom and I got into the wrong car, you can create new memories including all the compliments you will receive when sporting your custom monogram license plate! You can save those memory banks for fun-filled trips to the sea, enjoying the salt life. Maybe the mountains are more up your alley. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing…those are the things you can fill your mind with rather than the “not so fine” times. 😉

Share Your Memories

I’m sure you have your fair share of funny memories. Maybe not even having to do with a car? Laughter is medicine for the soul. Please share your funny stories so we can have a chuckle together. We all need a momentary break from the seriousness of life, don’t we?

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Custom Monogram Car Mats

Remember when Cribs was a thing and all of a sudden everyone in town needed to have the most decked out “rides” just like all the celebrities did? All of a sudden your cute little Jetta just wasn’t cutting it anymore, you needed to figure out a way to finance getting TV screens put in the back of your seats, an aftermarket soundsystem installed, and cheetah print upholstery put in to blow all your friends’ cars out of the the water. Then you realized that the majority of that was REALLY ridiculous and you would rather spend those hard-earned dollars on a new outfit or a cool spring break trip to Cabo. Well, the good news is, while extreme customization to your car has died down in popularity, there is still some really sweet flair you can add to your car that is classy, but still just as jealousy inducing: custom monogram car mats!

Monogram Car Mats

Personalized Monogram Car Mats

Have Faith Boutique specializes in allowing you to create your very own custom monogram car mats. Our personal favorite touch is the use of monograms. Nothing says “bad-to-the-bone” like your eloquently printed initials sprawled across your floor mats when your friends open your car doors to climb in. You can choose from any array of colors and patterns, and keep it mellow or make it wild! It’s up to you! Don’t you think you owe it to your high school self to the decked out car you always wanted? We do.


Between Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and whatever other social media platform we are able to get our hands on, it’s easy to be able to see what everyone else is doing. We know what they’re wearing, what they’re eating, where they’re going, and we have updates of every little change they make to their life. If you like someone’s outfit, it’s likely you can click on the relevant #hashtag underneath the photo of them in it, and be taken to whichever designer or store makes it. Why not find inspiration for your personalized shower curtain?

Personalized Shower Curtain!

Do Something Different than the Personalized Towel – Personalized Shower Curtain

With all this accessibility to what other people are doing, there are now more trends than ever. That also means that there is a lot of the same thing floating around. When it comes to décor, we are currently living in a world of DIY. But even the DIY world is slowly becoming one big string of copy cats and identical themes (ie., chalkboards at weddings, mason jars used as EVERYTHING, etc). When you think ‘personalized bathroom’, it’s likely that the first thing that pops into your head is an image of embroidered towels. Whether it’s your children’s names or His and Her towels, it’s surely a personalized touch for the bathroom that’s been around for a while. But if you’re trying to stand out, we’ve got three words for you: PERSONALIZED SHOWER CURTAIN.

Get Elegant

Have Faith Boutique now gives you the ability to elegantly splash your name across your shower curtain. Our sincerest apologies, towels, but your thunder has officially been stolen. You can still have those His and Her towels, but their presence will simply be to supplement how glorious your bathroom looks when you go in for a quick rinse, and slide back an elegant curtain with your name on it. If having your first name on your shower curtain makes you feel a bit too similar to a 6-year-old with personalized hair clips, elegantly splash your last name on it instead! Did that suggestion just make you go from feeling like a kindergartener to feeling like a member of the Royal Court in a matter of seconds? Yeah, we thought so. Now go get started on your personalized shower curtain, it’s time to make those towels jealous!